5 Ways to Promote Your Referral Card

If you are like most professionals, you are probably much more savvy about marketing than you realize. In fact, in some ways you’ve been marketing for most of your life—but you might think of it more as common sense. Let me explain.

Have you ever had to change your phone number? What do you do after getting your new number?

If you want your friends, family, and colleagues to be able to reach you, you begin to get the word out. This is done is a variety of ways. You may:

· Send out a text
· Send out an email
· Call your most important relationships
· Change the contact information in your email signature
· Edit your contact information on your website
· Update your profile information on your social accounts
· Send out messages to your social networks
· Order new marketing materials to update your information

This is marketing—and you can apply it to nearly everything you need to promote. For example, let’s take the new Referral Card you created at Refer.com. Your Referral Card can become the primary vehicle for receiving an ongoing, steady stream of referrals. However, you must first get the word out.

So how can you let your contacts know about your new Referral Card?

Just pretend you got a new phone number and take the same steps. There are tools built-in to the Referral Card to help you get the word out:

1. Share Your Card Via Email with Your Contacts

Let your contacts, friends, and clients know that you have a new Referral Card where they can refer others to you by importing your contacts and modifying the pre-written message.

2. Share Your Card with Your Social Networks
Easily post a link to your Referral Card to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google Plus in just a couple of clicks.

3. Use the Email Signature that Links to Your Referral Card
Promote your Referral Card with every email you send. You never know when one of your contacts might be ready to send over a referral.

4. Send Out a Survey
Use the built-in Referability Survey to find out what your contacts think about you. They can even leave you a Testimonial than you can include on your Referral Card.

5. Build a Referral Team of Professionals
Invite other professionals that you know, like and trust to your Referral Team so you can promote them by including them on your Referral Card. Most professionals will, in turn, recommend you to their clients as well.

Once you take these five steps, you will be well on your way to more business and referrals.

What other ways have you found to be most effective to promote your Referral Card?

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