Why it’s important:

A business with poor communication is constantly shooting themselves in the foot and the ironic thing is, communication should be something we do well. We are naturally social creatures and have no problem chatting with our neighbor or a stranger in a grocery store (for the most part). But for some reason when it comes to business communication, we struggle. That can mean a loss in sales, clients, and a decrease in revenue or increase in costs. According to the Holmes Report, the average revenue lost per employee, per year is just over $26,000. That means, due to poor communication or communication barriers your company is losing, on average, $26,000 per employee each year.

Let that sink in for a minute.

What you can do:

For starters, better communication doesn’t always mean MORE communication. Within the office, feel free to send that important email to a co-worker two cubicles down but don’t be afraid to walk over there an hour or so later to follow up. We all know what is like to be bombarded with emails and we sometimes forget to check our emails when we get caught up in our work. If you can get up and walk to the person you just sent that email to, do it, and just double check that they got it. You all work for the same company, therefore you’re all on the same team. Don’t let something get overlooked that can cost the company money, when it is something that can easily be avoided. The more effectively we communicate the more money we will save our companies.

However, when communicating to your clients, you will need a different strategy. Your clients get bombarded with emails just as much as we do. Most of them don’t mind you touching base with them every few weeks, more than that can overwhelm them. Unless they are reaching out to you, that is a different story.

Here at Refer.com we understand the importance of communication with our clients and contacts and how easy it is to forget to touch base with them. When you are only communicating with someone every couple weeks, it is easy to let somebody slip through the cracks. That is why we created Engage Pro. Engage Pro lets you easily manage your trusted relationships by automatically generating content that your client or contact would be interested in. It reminds you to reach out and touch base with your contacts and even lets you know when it’s time to ask for that referral you’ve been waiting for. Engage Pro takes all the work out of managing your relationships and does it for you.

If you would like to learn more about Engage Pro and how it can help you, just check out this link. https://www.refer.com/engage-pro/

Bottom Line:

Whether you’re communicating with a colleague in the office, client, or referral partner you need to make sure you are communicating the best way to get the job done. It might be different in every office but when talking to clients or referral partners the research speaks for itself; you need Engage Pro. It takes all the guesswork out of communicating, it tells you when it is time to talk to who and the best way to generate those conversations. Make a communication change today, and get off on the right foot in 2017.