You know the importance of referrals. You even know how to get referrals and you have a pretty good process in place. But this process is draining, time-consuming, and downright cumbersome. What if I told you that you could easily gain more referrals? EASILY.

Start implementing these principles today and you’ll see a difference in your referrals. These are proven tactics that have been developed by the Referral Experts here at

Build Trusted Relationships

The key point is to build relationships that matter. Make these meaningful trusted relationships. Once you’ve developed a few trusted relationships you can turn this into your Referral Team. This is the group of people you can often turn to when in need of a referral. Show your appreciation to these trusted relationships – let them know they’re valued.

Utilize the Methods

Our Referral Experts here at have developed a successful process to increase referrals. Engage Pro is an important piece to your referral solution. This software will allow you to boost your business in ways you didn’t think were possible. You’ll see a noticeable difference in your business referrals after you start taking advantage of this program.

A subscription to Engage Pro

You can easily build your trusted relationships by using Engage Pro. This software automatically generates content that your contact would be interested in. It reminds you to reach out and even lets you know when it’s time to ask for a referral. Engage Pro takes all of the work out of building a relationship and does it for you. It’s a simple and easy program that allows you to grow your business by referral.

“The program has taken the relationship marketing habits I know are effective and provided a structured process to actually and effectively implement them.”
-Sean Connors, Group Services Inc.

Ask For Referrals

This may seem like an obvious point, but some business professionals simply wait for referrals to come to them. Take the initiative to ask for a referral. Many times people need to be reminded that you’re looking for them. But don’t get greedy, take the time to build a trusted relationship first. Give a few referrals before asking for one. You also don’t have to give just referrals; give a gift card to their favorite restaurant or maybe send a handwritten thank you note. Keep the relationship open to more than just business.

You might be thinking “gosh this seems like a lot of work” or maybe even “what’s the point? I already have something that works.” Well, let me tell you, this doesn’t take a lot of time and it actually SAVES you time. Plus, chances are this referral solution is 10x better that what you’ve got in place now. This is a proven system that works. Take the few minutes needed to set everything up and you’ll see how you too can easily gain more referrals.

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