Becoming an influencer: It’s actually easier than it sounds. There are a few simple steps I’ll share with you in order to help you get on the right track. For some people, it may be that you already are an influencer but just don’t know it. I will also be able to help you realize the influence you are having and that way you will be able to channel it towards a specific outcome. One of the most frustrating things is trying to get someone to take the advice you know will help them/their business and they just won’t pull the trigger. So, it is my hope that this blog will help you answer this question: How do you get your clients or employees to take the advice you have been giving them?

Step One: Listen more than you talk

This step sounds easy but might be the most difficult for some of us. When we are giving advice, our natural tendency is to talk. We want our client or whoever it is to listen to what we have to say, so we tend to do most of the talking. While talking is a necessary part of giving advice, the important part is listening to the person and hearing what they have to say. They might say something that you notice is a simple fix that you wouldn’t have noticed before when you were doing all the talking. So, have a series of questions that you want to get the answer to and based on those answers reply with your advice. Everybody likes to talk about themselves (for the most part) so let your client talk and do what you can with the information they give you to help solve their problem. This will gain the respect and trust of the client. Showing them that they are not ‘just another client’ but that you care in helping them succeed.

Step Two: Give a little

This is a philosophy I took from our very own Don’t be afraid to reach out a week or two after your meeting to check in with your client. You don’t need to offer more advice here or hit them with a sales pitch. Just reach out, ask how they have been since the meeting, share an interesting article, or send them a hand-written note. It is important to nurture that relationship and better yet it shows that you are invested in them not only as a business opportunity but as a human being. I know you have multiple clients and this would be tough to track after a while. When you have multiple meetings per day with different people, how do you remember who and when to send a ‘Thank You’ to? Here at, we use our own software to manage, track and connect with clients. We call it Engage Pro. I suggest you take a look at it if you are struggling to nurture your relationship with multiple clients.

Step Three: Be adaptive

Learn to work outside your comfort zone. This can be interpreted a few different ways. I like to think of it as trying something new. There are many of us who are stuck in the same old routine but aren’t happy with it. We want to make more money, we want more clients and the list goes on. The best way to get out of the rut is to try something new. Don’t ease into it or tell yourself you’ll start it next week, just do it, do it today, do it now. The most dangerous phrase in the language is “We’ve always done it this way!” – Rear Admiral Grace Hopper. I think it is safe to say she nailed it in that one sentence. If you want a change in your business, your life or to change the lives of others, you can’t go about doing it the same way every time. Branch out, ask for help, ask us here at for help. We would be more than happy to help you adapt to the ever-changing environment we live in. But the bottom line is, try something new. Why not, what have you got to lose?

How to tell if you’re already an influencer:

There are a couple of ways to tell you’re already an influencer. For example, if your boss or teammates are asking for your opinion on who to hire for a vacant position or if you know anybody who might be good for it. When your boss asks for your opinion during important decision-making times like hiring somebody new, you already have an influence on them. Being asked to work on projects outside of your job description is another way to tell that your boss trusts you and you have influence around the office. Finally, if your team members are coming to you and asking what they should be working on or what to do next, the chances are you have a heavy influence at work. Now that you realize you are already an influencer, take the three steps from above and incorporate them into your daily life. You will become a bigger influencer around the office and earn the respect from everyone around you. When that happens, who knows what amazing possibilities will follow.