We’ve all been there, your workday is filled with meetings, replying to emails, and a desk covered in post-its. Although your workday is already pretty productive, you’re striving to better yourself and you want to make your workday even better. The tips that I’ve outlined below will help you to streamline your productivity starting today.

Make Lists & Stay Organized

A list can be whatever you make of it. In fact, you don’t even have to follow or use the list. The simple act of writing down your to-do’s makes your day more productive. This helps to get your brain in the right mindset and helps you to remember your tasks throughout the day. Writing a list will also help you to stay organized – I highly suggest prioritizing your list.

Use Efficient Technology Tools

Take advantage of the age we live in; technology is readily available in all areas of our lives. You’re probably already using an electronic calendar, to-do list, and file manager. Take the next step by managing your relationships and referrals electronically. The Refer.com solution of Engage Pro and the Referral Card are your ultimate tools to building relationships efficiently.

Work in Intervals & Take Breaks

Invest some time in learning the Pomodoro technique. Once you’ve completed 25 minutes of work, take a 5-minute break. Get up, move around, and stop thinking about work! After you’ve completed 4 rounds of this, take a longer break (20-30 minutes). This will allow your brain to rest and regenerate before you continue your work. Although it may seem counter-intuitive to take a break, this really allows your brain to recuperate.

After implementing these tips and techniques, I’m sure you’ll see a difference in your workday productivity. The simple act of being aware will make a difference you wouldn’t see otherwise.