As we approach the end of 2017, it’s now time to start thinking ahead to 2018. Have we accomplished our goals this year? Did we complete as much as we had expected? What can we do next year to improve? These are all common questions that professionals ask themselves at the end of the year. Thankfully, we have the answers to help 2018 become your best business year yet.

Continual Education

No matter where you’re at in life or in your career, it’s always important to continuously educate yourself. This could be as simple as picking up a new book or taking a short online course. The vantage point here is to keep improving. Your business needs to grow with your clients; this won’t happen if you’re not constantly updating your business practices.

Discover an effective way to promote yourself

Many people have a difficult time promoting themselves online. Whether that be through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media platform. All of these places are cluttered with information and it’s difficult to break through the noise. Take a moment to step back and see if these platforms are actually a good fit for you. If they aren’t, start repositioning your efforts to focus on individual relationships.

Invest in programs to help efficiency

Working in an efficient manner is usually a large area for improvement. Consider investing in a few programs that will help increase your efficiency and ultimately increasing your sales and revenue.

One program that you should consider adding into your daily business is Engage Pro. This is a relationship building software developed by and our Referral Experts. Using Engage Pro will easily cut down on the time you spend building relationships. SMART technology automatically creates emails and content to send to a contact, alerts you when you need to reach out next, and lets you know when it’s time to ask for a referral.

“The biggest takeaway for me by far was the concept of building and developing of relationships. I’ve never really worked that way and this has given me the tool to do so.”
– Vince Prestileo, T.M. Burgess Insurance

Set aspiring but attainable goals

If you didn’t set any goals this past year, make it a point to set some for 2018. Goals give you something to work towards and achieve.

Make sure that these goals you set are big and maybe even daunting, but also make sure that they’re attainable. Most importantly believe in your goal and believe you’ll be able to achieve it.

Here are a few examples of some goals you might have:

• Develop a Referral Team of 10 professionals in 2018
• Increase my Twitter following 30% by the end of 2018
• During 2018, attend at least 1 networking event every other week
• Get 5 new referrals each month of 2018

Imagine what it would feel like at the end of 2018 if you accomplished everything you had set out to do and all your goals were complete! By diligently following the steps outlined above you’ll be well on your way to making 2018 your best business year yet. The time is now; start preparing for 2018 today!

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