Having great communication skills can help establish you as a well-known and trusted insurance producer. When your communication skills are lacking it’s important to understand how you can improve and what actions you need to take. These are simple and easy skills that you can start developing today.


Have you ever enjoyed talking to a grumpy person? I didn’t think so. With that being said, make it a point to be friendly whenever you’re engaging in a conversation. Coming across as a friendly person will help to build trust within your relationship.

Picking the Right Medium

Choosing how you’re going to communicate is essential to building relationships. If you only reach out to someone via email you’re not forming a well-developed and trusted relationship. Engage Pro prompts you to use different mediums of contact – in addition to using SMART technology and automatic reminders. It’s the perfect fit for a busy lifestyle.

Listening & Feedback

Don’t spend the entirety of your conversation speaking. It’s important to listen when your counterpart is talking. Hear out what they have to say and be thoughtful in your response. Also, try to ask open-ended questions – straying away from yes/no responses. This will help to keep the conversation moving forward.

Respect & Open-Mindedness

In addition to listening, it’s important to keep an open mind. Be respectful of what the other person has to say. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re opening up about something you’re passionate about and the other person says something negative or unappreciative? It’s not a great feeling and can leave a stale taste to the relationship. Try to be understanding and uplifting when someone brings forth a new idea.


Bring forth confidence in your conversations! By displaying confidence you’ll be presumed as knowledgeable and trustworthy. The person you’re talking to will also feed off your confidence — helping the conversation to grow into a meaningful discussion that you’ll both remember well.

By implementing these skills into your daily conversations you will start to see stronger relationships blossoming. You can easily start working on developing these skills now! Take advantage of the tool I mentioned (Engage Pro), talk to someone new today, and notice how you currently communicate so you can make subtle changes. By becoming a better communicator you’ll also become a better insurance producer that’s trusted by many.

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