Referrals are the primary source of new business for so many types of professionals. Refer is an evolving SaaS platform based on proven methodology that delivers an edge to its customers. We enable professionals to refer and be referred.


Tom Gay


This is a test to see if you read the home page. If you are confused, you better go check the whole thing out!


Brandon Barnum


Brandon is an experienced social entrepreneur who has built several online platforms over his career. During his decade in the mortgage industry, he built the regional mortgage brokerage Integrity Lending.


Hayle Olson


When Hayle was 6 she dressed up as an Oster Toaster for Halloween. Her goal is to hold a handstand for 1 min. The best concert she’s ever attended was Infected Mushroom.


Chris Ott

Product Lead

If Chris participating in any activity, it probably has something to do with water or snow. A current goal of his is to study Othello. He also wants to paint our office walls in 24-carat gold.


Court Hodges

Client Success

Court loves a good breakfast burrito and his go-to snack are Little Debbie Boston Creme rolls with milk. His favorite show is The Big Bang Theory. He recently had his first child and we hope he takes him to Disney World!


Corbin Kezar

Client Success

When Corbin isn't working hard at Refer, he enjoys wakesurfing, advancing his coding skills and puttering around in his old, but classy, Jaguar.


Brittany Rosenthal

Client Success

Brittany helped us start February off on the right foot by joining our team on the 1st!