How it works

Engage with key referral sources.


Build deep, trusted, highly engaged relationships that always give back.

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Exclusive smart tools to help you effectively stay in touch with key referral sources.

Know who to contact, when to contact them, and what to say to help build lifelong relationships that give back.

Reach out to many with GroupTouch Mass Emailer.

Communicate to one, or many with Group Touch Mass emailer to easily stay in touch with your clients or your referral team with a personalized message.


Always know when to reach out.

Never let a key relationship fall through the cracks. Be consistent in your communications with a touchpoint reminder system. It’s always easy to know at a glance who you need to reach out to.

Make it About Others

When you give to others, they will want to give back to you.  Track personal interests and gain social insights for your most important relationships, and use the

Value Item selector to find and send articles, blogs and videos of personal interest to them.

Continuously scan the web to find valuable and personally relevant information for each of your connections.